“Bombay Bustle”, a vibrant fusion of Indian flavours & Tech House grooves

Mumbai, 30th July 2023: Delhi-based house music producer and DJ, Karan Dhingra, known under the moniker House Of TUNEMAN, has released his latest track “Bombay Bustle” on 27th July 2023. The track is a blend of Indian fusion and Tech House, delivering an exhilarating electronic experience.

Watch the song here:

With a diverse musical background, House Of TUNEMAN has developed the art of fusion, infusing his tracks with elements of deep house, afro, and tech house. The producer’s inspiration stems from his travels to 22 countries worldwide, where he explored various music scenes and festivals. This worldly exposure has enriched his DJing and music production, allowing him to craft captivating compositions that resonate with audiences globally.

“Bombay Bustle” encapsulates the essence of Mumbai’s bustling and chaotic yet vibrant and colorful life. The track’s core genre is tech house, but it takes an innovative approach by incorporating traditional Indian instruments like Bhagpang, Tabla, and Morsing, alongside mesmerizing Carnatic vocals, creating a seamless fusion of sounds.

To add more groove and a worldly vibe, House Of TUNEMAN has also infused the track with Afro essential sounds like Doshru, Inhaca, and Gorongosa. This eclectic mix paints a vivid sonic picture that transports listeners into the heart of Mumbai’s fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle.

Accompanying the music, the visuals for “Bombay Bustle” promise to be a visual treat. The video, directed by Artmantra, showcases quintessential elements of Mumbai, from its iconic local trains and Bollywood posters to the colorful festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi. The visual spectacle also features Laavni dancers and double-decker buses, creating an immersive experience that complements the vibrant music.

House Of TUNEMAN’s track record boasts 19 successful releases, signed by reputable European and Indian music labels. His talent has earned him recognition from renowned artists worldwide, and his tracks have garnered millions of views on popular techno platforms. Prominent DJs like Goldcap and Sabo have also played his music at venues across various countries.

“Bombay Bustle” represents a visionary effort to introduce a fresh style of Indian electronic music to a global audience. House Of TUNEMAN’s ability to seamlessly blend cultural influences with contemporary beats makes this track a masterpiece that transcends boundaries.

This melodic amalgamation of Indian traditions and electronic sounds promises to be an infectious and unforgettable auditory and visual journey into the vibrant heart of Mumbai. With House Of TUNEMAN’s impressive track record and unique musical vision, “Bombay Bustle” is poised to leave an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.

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