Bollyjammers Ft. Classico & Arjun Sarkar’s ‘Chadhe Na’ is the new Summer Anthem

Mumbai, 6th June 2024: Be Together Music has recently released “Chadhe Na,” the latest single from Bollyjammers, featuring the dynamic duo Classico and Arjun Sarkar. This pop sensation is poised to become the summer anthem of the year as it showcases the incredible vocal talents of Classico and Arjun Sarkar, enhanced by the signature production magic of Arjit Srivastava. From its catchy hook to its witty lyrics, every element of this track is meticulously crafted to resonate with audiences and linger long after the music stops.

Reflecting on “Chadhe Na,” Classico shared, “The process of creating ‘Chadhe Na’ was exhilarating. We poured our hearts into every note, striving to capture the essence of summer and the spirit of joy that we wanted to share with our fans. From the initial concept to the final production, every step was a journey of creativity and collaboration. We are immensely proud of the entire team for bringing this vision to life in both audio and video formats. The dedication and passion everyone showed are evident in the final product, and we believe that listeners will feel that same energy and enthusiasm.”

Watch the song here:

Arjun Sarkar added, “Working on ‘Chadhe Na’ was a labor of love. The energy and synergy we experienced during its creation are palpable in the final product. We spent countless hours perfecting every detail, from the intricate melodies to the powerful lyrics, ensuring that the song resonates on a deep emotional level. The process was challenging but incredibly rewarding, and we can’t wait for our fans to enjoy it. This track is a testament to the magic that happens when talented individuals come together with a shared vision. It’s a celebration of music, love, and the vibrant energy that defines Bollyjammers.”

Bollyjammers have redefined the landscape of live entertainment in India, especially in the wedding circuit. This DJ-based band has not only set a new standard but also received numerous accolades, including Best Live Entertainers for Weddings at WeddingSutra Influencer Awards 2022, Best Band for Weddings at WOW AWARDS ASIA 2022, Best Live Entertainers for Weddings at EMF EGYPT 2022, Best Band of the Year 2022 at BITA AWARDS, Most Successful Artist of the Year 2020 at Zonal Spotlight Awards by EEMA, Best Entertainer of the Year 2021 at ACE Awards by EMF, and Wedding Entertainer – Singing/Band of the Year 2023.

Mayur Agarwal, Founder of Bollyjammers and Be Together Music, expressed his excitement, saying, “Bollyjammers continue to push the boundaries of live entertainment. ‘Chadhe Na’ is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch musical experiences. This track embodies the innovation and creativity that Bollyjammers stand for. We’re excited for what’s next.”

Bollyjammers’ “Chadhe Na” is available on all major streaming platforms. Dive into the summer vibes and let the music move you! Fans can look forward to more exciting releases from Bollyjammers this year, including Classico’s single “Garari” in July 2024, “Khanjaran da Vaar” in collaboration with Be Together Studio, and the highly anticipated “Bollyjammers 2.0” live set.

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