This World Music Day celebrate your moments with music sensation Nikhita Gandhi!

Mumbai, 21st June 2024: World Music Day, a worldwide celebration of the music woven into our lives, springs onto the calendar on June 21st. Today is a time to celebrate the power of song and rhythm, which serve as a universal language that cuts across boundaries and brings people together. Rising sensation in the Indian […]

King’s ‘Way Bigger’ intensifies anticipation for his album ‘Monopoly Moves’

Mumbai, 15th June 2024: Building on the success of back-to-back releases in as many weeks with ‘GOAT SHIT’ and ‘Still The Same’, King keeps the momentum going with his latest single, ‘Way Bigger’. This third release from his eagerly awaited album ‘Monopoly Moves’ (MM) further intensifies the anticipation for the full project.  Produced by his […]

Virgin Music Group extends deal with Play DMF, well into the next decade

First track under the deal extension is the upcoming release from actor Siddhant Chaturvedi and Oaff & Savera, Ittefaq Mumbai, 15th June 2024: Virgin Music Group, the world’s leading partner to independent artists, labels and entrepreneurs, recently announced that the company has extended its deal with Play DMF, the Mumbai-based company founded by producer/actor/entrepreneur Anshal […]

Rap ID’s Latest EP ‘Deleted Text’, Produced by T-Series, to Release on June 20th

Mumbai, 15th June 2024: T-Series has announced the release of Rap ID’s latest EP, Deleted Text. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, this EP delves into the emotional turbulence of feeling trapped in a relationship. Rap ID’s unique style coupled with powerful lyrics captures the essence of this heartfelt narrative. Rap ID brings a fresh and authentic […]

Siddhant Goenka’s “Alvida”, A Rock-Pop Farewell That Hits All the Right Notes

Mumbai, 14th June 2024: Get ready to plug in your headphones and crank up the volume because Siddhant Goenka is back with his latest single, “Alvida”! This dynamic pop-rock track is here to sweep you off your feet with its electric guitars, distinctive distorted aalap post-chorus, and a rollercoaster of emotions. “Alvida” is a powerful […]

Anushka’s ‘Khushi Khushi’ resonates and captivates

Mumbai, 14th June 2024: Following her earlier hits like “Rebirth,” “Taboo,” and “Hurricane,” “Khushi Khushi” by Anushka Jag, a track that has been eagerly awaited by many, has delighted her fans. Anushka’s artistry has a fresh new experience for her audience. Anushka’s music stands out thanks to her unique voice and soul-stirring performances that reflect […]

VYRL Haryanvi ventures into Rajasthani hip-hop with Nit-C’s new single “OG Choro”!

Mumbai, 13th June 2024: After the triumphs in the Haryanvi music scenes, VYRL Haryanvi is all set to step into an unexplored region of Rajasthani hip hop with its much-anticipated song “OG Choro” by Nit-C. Rajasthani hip hop is experiencing growth and finding common ground with Haryanvi audiences in terms of culture and music preferences. […]

Guri Lahoria drops his latest single “Who’s Next?” on VYRL Punjabi

Mumbai, 13th June 2024: Guri Lahoria is bringing the heat with his latest single, “Who’s Next?” This fire-breathing track is the ultimate flex for hustlers and go-getters everywhere. With his signature never-say-die attitude, Guri lays down the gauntlet and serves up a powerful declaration to the world: we may have haters, but we will never […]

Parth Srivastava to launch his mesmerising EP – Savera, with T-Series on June 19th

Mumbai, 12th June 2024: Parth Srivastava, the dynamic and talented young artist, gears up for the release of his upcoming EP – Savera on June 19th, produced by Bhushan Kumar. The EP comprises of four tracks, each highlighting Parth’s musical prowess and versatility. Parth, known for hits like ‘Uljhan’, ‘Kahaniyan’, and ‘Hai Zindagi’ among others, […]

Zeba Khan brings the heat in “Kar Gayi Assar” with Danish Bhat

Mumbai, 12th June 2024: Zeba Khan, a shining star from Lucknow, is poised to captivate audiences in the highly anticipated music video “Kar Gayi Assar,” featuring Danish Bhat. Zeba’s journey from Lucknow to Mumbai is a true testament to following one’s dreams. Since childhood, she has aspired to make a mark in the glamorous world […]