Bella’s song “Tu Tera Dekh” on Found Out Records is a reflection of his unwavering hard work!

Mumbai, 6th December 2022: Bella, formerly known as M Zee Bella – one of the country’s finest hip-hop artists right now, brings to you yet another mind-blowing track titled ‘Tu Tera Dekh’ with Found Out Records. The song talks about his hard work and struggles and how he has reached a place all on his own.

Watch the song here:

‘Tu Tera Dekh’ simplifies Emcee Bella’s years of hard work and wants his critics to mind their own business and leave his music and his success for him to enjoy. As the song does not divert or point out on anyone nor is a hollow attempt to glorify his success but a statement of Bella’s uphill battle of oneself. In the music video, Bella portrays his struggles and how he has made his own path in the industry.

From making his songs to doing all the backend work his hard work has finally paid off and he is where he should be. The graphs shown are one of Bella’s less-known sides, which is his grandiose, brazen, and magnificent hideaway where he enjoys his knowledge and music. Bella needs no one but himself. In reality, the youthful emcee appears to be searching for his rival in the rap industry and is eager to eliminate it. Additionally, Bella pokes fun at his detractors and those who search for negativity in his lyrics. He sees himself on fire without emotion, and Bella goes one step further and indicates an egotistical rebirth of himself.

Inspired at a young age by his mother’s poetry in the Himalayas of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, the Emcee, Lyricist and Composer is a one-man show and has influenced India’s burgeoning hip-hop scene like no other. Produced and written by Bella himself, the 24-year-old musician opens up about his fare and share of hard work and defeat and surpassed each hurdle with charm.

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