Avanti Patel’s ‘Sandesa’ is a perfect blend of classical and rock music

Mumbai, 5th August 2023: Independent musician and ex-Indian Idol contestant Avanti Patel has just released her latest single ‘Sandesa’ on 4th August. Prior to this, Avanti has come out with tracks like ‘Saiyaan Bina’ that focused on the queer and LGBTQIA+ community, ‘Gaye Mausam’ and ‘Nadiya’ to name a few.

Watch the song here:

‘Sandesa’, which uses Raag Bhimpalasi as its base, is a contemporary ‘Bandish’ with production and arrangement that incorporates different elements like drums, distortion guitars, and Sarod. The single represents Avanti’s personal life and interests, combining her love for Hindustani Classical music with contemporary rock music.

Commenting on the same, Avanti says “I am glad that people are loving the track. Sandesa happens to be an organic blend of styles- it wasn’t created with that intention in mind. As a composition I can say it is like a ‘bandish’, but the arrangement and production is more representative of who I am as an artist. The instruments have been chosen based on what emotions we wanted the song to elicit- the Sarod gives it an earthy texture while the Drums add a nice groove and kick to the track.”

Throwing further light on the song, she continued “As individuals or even artists we are never just black or white. For me, Sandesa represents that subjectivity. It needn’t be slotted into the ‘classical music’ category or be called ‘rock’ just because we have drums in it. It will appeal to different people based on what they relate to from the song,” she adds.

Avanti Patel’s new song has generated a lot of buzz and is quickly gaining traction among music fans worldwide.

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