August 2023: Three most important things for me are dedication, passion and manifestation: Zahrah S Khan

Zahrah S Khan has been one of the most trending artists in the past few months and it is not a surprise. A multi-talent powerhouse, she has been acting, singing, collaborating, performing live, possibly doing everything that one can, at the big stage. For August Digital Cover, we had an interaction with Zahrah, upon the release of one of coolest collaborations ever, with Tiger Shroff, Edward Maya and Tanishk Bagchi for the song ‘Love Stereo Again’. Apart from this popular song, she has recently been signed up for ‘Vrushabha’ a big budget, grand, periodic film starring Mohanlal.

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What is your first memory of the song ‘Love Stereo Again’?

When I met Edward Maya, right in front of my eyes, it took me back to my teen years. ‘Stereo Love’ was one of the biggest hits of its time. You could hear the song at all possible places and in almost all passing vehicles. And, when I met him for this collaboration, I just couldn’t believe this is happening, such an honour it has been to work on this song. It brought back all the memories from the past in a flash of a second!

Beyond Edward Maya, Tiger Shroff coming on board is another highlight. How was the experience working with him?

Working with Tiger Shroff was a great experience. Initially I was a bit concerned about matching his steps, we all know what an amazing dancer he is! He suggested that we rehearse for 10 days together, 4-5 hours a day. By time we went through this rigorous training and the day of the shoot came, it became a cake walk.

Watch the song here:

You are multi-talented artist, in between singing, dancing, acting, what takes most of your focus?

For me, the most important thing, in terms of my craft, is singing and acting hand in hand. My mother has done that in her time hence, it somehow comes from within, inspiration being there at home itself. Singing, for me, is a form of acting too, you are acting and emoting behind a mic. Expressing emotions through your voice is a very tough task in itself. Possibly it’s an actor inside me that wants to sing and act as a form of expression.

As an actor and a singer, how does one feed off the other?

Its an immersive process. Both crafts cater to an emotion that is being expressed. When I am singing, I am looking to act as well, weaving the sensitivities through my voice. Music caters to your moods, feelings and many other aspects of life. The actor side of me helps me to relate to these expressions while I am behind the mic.

Photo Credit: Zahrah S Khan

‘Kusu Kusu’ was your breakaway success with T Series and you have now release ‘Love Stereo Again’ with T-Series too. How has been your association and experience with T-Series?

I am a T-Series artist, and it has genuinely been fantastic working with them! Actions speak louder than word and the way my career has panned out being a part of T-Series, both in music and movies, tells you the story on its own. They have been very supportive towards me in a label-artist partnership. They make sure to give me right kinds of songs that will help my career grow. Since I have been with T-Series, the number of choices I have received is amazing. ‘Kusu Kusu’ was definitely a song that was a breakaway success for me. Add to the fact that Nora was the lead artist on screen and her dance coupled with her presence took it to another level.

Watch ‘Kusu Kusu’ here:

As a playback and as a singer-actor, how do you approach these two projects?

Playback has its own charm. In a short span of my career, I have been a playback singer for Katrina, Kiara, Janhvi, Malaika, Nora, Ananya and more. It is a great experience to see these amazing actors perform on my voiced songs and mesmerise everyone on-screen. At the same time, when I sing and act in a song, I enjoy that process thoroughly too. Having said that, I would love to do a playback for Kareena Kapoor, its on my check-list! I would also want to be in a film where one of my favourites, Shreya Ghosal, does a playback for me. So, I want to work with a mix of various artists-actors collaboration, beyond me as a playback or me as a singer-actor.

Apart from acting on screen, you opened for Rema during his India tour. Take us through your experience

It was just an amazing experience! I like to take my live a notch up, want it to be international. When I was preparing for Rema, which I rehearsed for two full days, I made sure that each song is performed in way that it becomes an experience for the people who have come to watch. In this respect, I have seen Sunidhi Chauhan, who I am a big fan of, doing powerful live acts. Interacting with crowd while you perform is an essential part of my live, it takes the experience a whole new level.

Photo Credit: Zahrah S Khan

You are starring in ‘Vrushabha’ alongside the legendary Mohanlal. Tell us a bit more about it

‘Vrushabha’ has started filming and with a staggering budget of Rs. 200 crore, it will be a grand spectacle. The film is helmed by director Nand Kishore and co-produced by Ekta Kapoor. As you would also know by now, it has Mohanlal Sir in it along with Shanaya Kapoor. I am playing a warrior princess in it, so I am doing a lot of preparations for my role. The scale of the movie is larger than life and with my role, I will have a lot of heavy action sequences. It has periodic look, and I took this opportunity the moment I was offered!

What are the next few music projects that your fans can look forward to?

We are working on the next single, taking the production a notch further up than what we did with ‘Love Stereo Again’. I am looking to work on another collaboration again, possibly a female one at that. We are in the midst of working out, we will know more in times to come.

To create a brand identity for herself or himself, what do you think artists should possess?

Firstly, the base line is the talent, craft and then everything starts from there. If you have the talent, then three most important things for me are dedication, passion and manifestation! To me the first two will help you create an identity for yourself. The industry is hyper competitive and if one doesn’t have the dedication to keep doing it and the passion to do it whole-heartedly, chances are that she or he will not get noticed. As for manifestation, I strongly believe that if you manifest and think about what your truly want, it will happen!

Well, manifestations are surely coming true for Zahrah S Khan. Her popularity is on a rise and her work is being loved! We will be hooked on to know what more is coming from her end, till then, its ‘Love Stereo Again’!

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