Arunaja makes a debut of its kind with “Uyare”

Mumbai, 1st September 2022: Arunaja has been in the music industry for a while and has been one of those few artists who have mesmerised the listeners with their charm and sheer talent. Having delved into English songs, its her turn now to explore her roots too. “Uyare” is a debut of sorts for Arunaja in Malayalam language and she, yet again, makes it her own!

Watch the song here:

“Uyare” is a song that talks about exploration, evolution and enlightenment. Talking about the song making process, Arunaja says, “Curiosity has always been my virtue. My eagerness to understand what’s out there has always been a fire that, even if I wanted, I could never put out. There came a point in my life where my desire to explore outgrew the comfort I had built for myself. And boy, am I thankful that it happened. It took immense courage to nosedive in, chasing that desire, but I only realized it later when I had reached the other side and took time to introspect. I understood the need to feel fearless! I understood the power of being fearless. Because, as Hrithik Roshan says, “Dar ke aage jeet hai””.

Talking about the song she says, “Uyare is my debut Malayalam original song. It’s written by Sriram Thrideep. The song is kept simple with layers of acoustic guitars tracked by Shrikant Sreenivasan. Mixed and mastered by Jason D’zousa. Artwork by Dilsha Rema Suthan. The song has folk elements to its pop formula, glazed over by harmonies and topped with a generous amount of Rnb and Soul as always. Enjoy this monsoon with Uyare. It’s definitely going to give you a high”.

And yes, it did give us a high, a high that we have experienced while driving through the rains, on a highway, with greenery all around and with “Uyare” playing at the backdrop!

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