Arjun Kanungo puts himself on the global map with the Indian rendition of Vaultboy’s hit ‘Everything Sucks’!

Mumbai, 14th June 2022: Arjun Kanungo is all set to dominate airwaves and music streaming apps as the artist is out with his debut studio album ‘INDUSTRY’.

Taking his artistry to the next level, Kanungo puts himself on the global map with the Indian rendition of Vaultboy’s ‘Everything Sucks’ that features on the album. The popular international hit and number one single inspired millions of reels on Instagram and TikTok. This version is specifically made for India with lyrics in Hindi written by Arjun and Dhruv Yogii, while featuring parts of the original song by Vaultboy.

Meant to be a breakaway from his mainstream avatar, Arjun’s eclectic album ‘INDUSTRY’ ventures into a deeper, more intense side to Arjun’s music, one he has consciously stayed away from right at the start of his pop music career, 6 years ago.

The artist soon drops ‘Everything Sucks’ along with two other tracks from the album this week including ‘Foto’ featuring Rashmeet Kaur and ‘Ishq Samundar’ featuring KING .

‘Foto’ marks Arjun’s first collaboration with ‘Bajre Da Sita’ singer Rashmeet Kaur, an unconventional track with desi influence, much different from Kanungo’s signature modern dance sound. ‘Ishq Samundar’, on the other hand, is the album version of King and Arjun’s pop trance track which will first release on MTV Unwind.

Talking about these tracks, Arjun Kanungo says, “I’m really excited about this album because every track on it is distinct and unique. I am so stoked to bring the ambitious Indian rendition of ‘Everything Sucks’ on home turf. The original track has over 100 million plays on Spotify and it feels huge to represent and reimagine this American pop hit.” Adding that, “With this album, music enthusiasts can expect different sounds and flavours from Bollywood pop with ‘Foto’ to pop trance with ‘Ishq Samundar’. It’s going to be a crazy week and I can’t wait to see how people react to it.”

The songs drop this week so stay tuned for more !

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