Amartya Bobo Rahut’s upcoming travel song “Noor Kasauli” will make you fall in love with Kasauli

Mumbai, 16th December 2021: Amartya Bobo Rahut is going all out with his indie releases. After the success of his previous
release “Thikana” he is now all set to make you fall in love with his cute travel song “Noor Kasauli”. This single is scheduled to release soon and is a song all set to become a new entrant in your travel songs list. Amartya says “I simply loved the vibe of this quaint little town Kasauli so ended up making a song on it. It is called “Noor-Kasauli”. It is a pretty happy and uplifting Ukulele driven song that talks about the beauty of the place and its people. Basically a love song for the mountain lover in each of us”.

Amartya Bobo Rahut is an independent singer/songwriter and “Noor-Kasauli” is his 6th indie release after “Shaam Simti”, “Kaisi Ho”, “Mere Aulia”, “Chup Chup” and “Thikana”. Previously Amartya has composed over 2000 tv commercials and a few Hindi films such as “Tu Hai Mera Sunday”, “Darbaan”, “Drive”, “Tumhari Sulu”, “Aurangzeb”, to name a few.

Watch the song here:

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