Akrita’s second single Shaam is a travel memoir

Mumbai, 6th December 2021: Akrita is a singer, songwriter and composer. She is a student of Hindustani classical music and learns in the Mewati Gharana. She has14 years of experience in advertising as a writer, entrepreneur, creative director and strategist. In 2018, she decided to turn her childhood passion into a profession.

Akrita’s second single Shaam is a travel memoir. Its picturesque lyrics take you on an inward journey through your fondest holiday memories.

Nostalgia- ridden phrases like ‘Waqt bhi thaira tha karne do ghadi aaram’ ‘barf ki imaratein’ ‘jharnon ka traafik jaam’ make for a lilting journey song.

The warm, balmy single has a minimalist arrangement with earthy hints of pahadi folk. The song has a restful, laidback pace set in rupak (a 7-beat taal). The undulating guitar arrangement gently climbs and falls like a mountain road. The well-balanced folk-fusion sound comes from the use of traditional instruments like the flute and ghatak accompanied by a rich piano tone and a subtle double bass.

Stream the song through the link below:


Akrita loves exploring and experimenting with genres like pop, rock, ghazal and Hindustani classical. She believes in keeping it simple. It’s important to know what not to do. Her music is defined by meaningful lyrics, memorable hooklines and hummable interludes.


Vocals, lyrics & composition: Akrita Shrivastava

Music Direction, mixing & mastering: Anirudh Verma

Double Bass: Marc Damania

Vocal recording: Treehouse Studio

Co-direction: Akrita Shrivastava, Prateek Verma

Script: Akrita Shrivastava

DOP: Prateek Verma

Album Art: Megha Patel

Grading & VFX: Nikhil Shahapurkar

Kumaoni lyrics: Kabir Bansal

Special thanks: Annette Philip, Sanjay Menon, Karan Vaidya,

Travel Partners: Pathfinders Holidays & Globetrott holidays

Costume Courtesy: Avantika Sinha Bahl & Tanvi Sabherwal

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