Fotty Seven’s ‘OK Report’ enthrals with his signature blend of street rap and trap music

Mumbai, 30th January 2023: Fotty Seven, the versatile emcee hailing from Gurugram, releases his latest single, “OK Report,” with Def Jam Recordings India label. With his latest track, Fotty Seven promises to enthral audiences with a captivating fusion of street rap, trap beats, and his distinctive mix of humour and self-absorbing lyricism.

Known for his distinctive style, Fotty Seven’s “OK Report” is a dynamic fusion of street rap, trap beats, and his trademark humorous and self-absorbing bars. After a brief hiatus, the rapper returns with a hard-hitting major-label single that showcases his unwavering prominence in the rap game. The track delivers a bold message to fellow rappers, urging them to ditch the fake flex and take notes from Fotty’s enduring impact.

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Fotty Seven expresses his enthusiasm for the new track and says, “In the world of fake flex, ‘Ok Report’ is my reality check. It’s not just a track; it’s a certified report on the real. I believe that my music can express true stories. ‘Ok Report’ is more than simply a song; it’s a direct depiction of my journey, combining street rap, trap beats, and a sense of humour. This music is a message to my peers: it’s time to break through the noise, ditch the phony flex, and identify the genuine. I am here to stay, and ‘Ok Report’ is my unabashed stance.”

The single is a nostalgic trip to Fotty’s early top-selling discography, embodying the artist’s return to the carefully crafted Delhi rap sound. “OK Report” captures Fotty Seven’s playful lyricism and provocative vocal delivery, solidifying his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in modern Indian Hip-hop.

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