Zahrah S Khan’s ‘Main Tenu Chadh Jaungi’ feat. Shaheer Shaikh on T-Series makes for a perfect wedding single

Mumbai, 31st October 2022: Zahrah Khan’s single ‘Main Tenu Chadh Jaungi’ featuring herself alongside Shaheer Sheikh has been released on the 29th of October, 2022 and it is surely one of the craziest wedding! In the music video of this peppy wedding song, Zahrah plays a quirky, lively and vivacious bride which is very true to her personality in real life, while Shaheer seems to be the more composed and supportive groom which makes the two characters a perfect fit for each other.

Watch the song here:

Zahrah S Khan’s character in the music video is shown to be expressive, upbeat and full of life much like her personality in real life. She is very positive and optimistic in nature and is someone who enjoys every moment to the fullest and encourages others around her to do the same, which will clearly reflect in her character played in the song.

On the contrary, Shaheer is more cautious yet supportive of her bride’s personality. It’s truly an opposites-attract scenario and the two bring completely different personalities into the picture. Recently, we saw that Shaheer posted a fun reel covering her bride’s face, while Zahrah posted a similar clip where the groom’s face was hidden taking our anticipation higher. The snippets we have seen up until now show off their electric chemistry which makes us yearn to see what this adorable duo has in store for us.

Zahrah S Khan’s Main Tenu Chadh Jaungi is produced by T-Series. Directed by Navjit Buttar and starring Zahrah S Khan and Shaheer Sheikh, the music video of the song is streaming on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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