Winter Love by Abhibyanjana feat. Peeyush Nepal is a ballad that unfolds an expressive story

Mumbai, 18th May 2021: Winter Love is a song about a search for comfort in a new beginning and in the end of phases in life. Abhibyanjana wrote this song many moons ago when she found herself in the middle of a change in her life. It came to life one day when she was jamming with Peeyush Nepal, somewhere in Pune. Today when she releases the song, it represents another change. This song is about embracing that change and looking back to comfort almost nostalgically. Perhaps the future is
not so comfortable anymore.

We’re all experiencing change today and it has been more difficult than ever to realise and accept the situation we find ourselves in. Possibly one of the simplest songs of hers yet one of the most special, “Winter Love” was released on 14th May 2021. About the song, Jay Kshirsagar said, ” Beautiful beautiful. Your voice is very fragile and beautiful. I love it. Parts of this song felt like waves of cold clean air you were sending at me from the hills. A healing kind of experience.” Another band that talked about the song, Feathers in Space, said, “Abhibhyanjana has sewn together a lush dreamscape, with her ethereal vocals gently unfolding the story of ‘winter love’. Definitely one of the most expressive artists we have had the pleasure to know “.

Abhibyanjana is an indie singer-songwriter from Gangtok. Primarily a guitarist, she started writing songs as a teenager. It was only after she went to Pune that she started singing for audiences as a member of Amplify Art, a Pune based creative community. There is no fixed disposition that one can attach to Abhibyanjana’s music. Drawing inspiration from genres like indie-rock, alt-rock, indie-pop, and blues, her music is a galvanisation and a reflection of her ever-evolving taste. The interweave of her tunes and melodies engender a music genre so all-encompassing of types and palates, for all people to listen to and relish.

In 2018 she released her first single ‘Groovy Girl’ exclusively on YouTube, which was heavily inspired by blues. In the same year she also appeared as a playback singer in Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Production “Pahuna: The Little Visitors” (dir. Pakhi Tyrewala). She then took a break to finish her degree in Liberal Arts, only occasionally playing in gigs in Pune and Gangtok. After
graduating in the midst of this pandemic, she is now finally working on her music. Bringing an elemental yet stimulating music,  Abhibyanjana is now moving towards a creative exploration in not only song-writing but also music production. With the single ‘Winter Love’ set to release in May of 2021, Abhibyanjana is slowly presenting these explorations.

Cover art by Aloran.

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