Vivian Divine & Karan Aujla promote community engagement at The Dharavi DREAM

Mumbai, 19th Feb 2024: The Dharavi DREAM Project, Asia’s premier After School of Hip-Hop, welcomed renowned Indian rapper Vivian Divine and Canadian-based singer, rapper, and songwriter Karan Aujla for a special visit. The purpose of their visit was to promote the importance of giving back to the community and supporting under-resourced Hip-Hop talents.

The talents of The Dharavi DREAM Project (TDDP) had the extraordinary opportunity to showcase their skills to two guest artists, Vivian and Karan. During the event, the TDDP talents delivered dedicated performances that left Vivian and Karan awestruck. Impressed by the exceptional talent on display, Vivian and Karan generously arranged for giveaways for all 110 participants, further motivating and inspiring the budding artists of TDDP. This collaborative exchange of talent not only served as a platform for the TDDP talents to shine but also highlighted the power of mentorship and community support in fostering creativity and growth.

Commenting on the event, Dolly Rateshwar, Director & Co-Founder of The Dharavi DREAM Project, said, “We are honored to have Vivian Divine and Karan Aujla visit our project and inspire our young talents. Their generosity and commitment to giving back to the community align perfectly with our mission of empowering under-resourced Talents through hip-hop.”

During their visit, Vivian Divine and Karan Aujla joined forces with The Dharavi DREAM Project and Hemkunt Foundation to provide free Langar seva (community kitchen service) to the residents of Dharavi. This collaborative effort aimed to uplift and support the local community, showcasing the power of solidarity and compassion.

Divine shared how much he had heard about the good work The Dharavi DREAM Project- the only Afterschool of Hip-Hop is doing on-ground. He always wanted to visit TDDP but the right moment didn’t come until the launch of his latest EP “Street Dreams” alongside Karan Aujla, the opportunity finally arose. The energy and talent at TDDP are truly inspiring, and he is eager to return sooner rather than later to spend more time with the young artists of TDDP.

Meeting the incredible talents at TDDP deeply resonated with Karan Aujla, evoking a profound connection to his roots. Witnessing the comprehensive teaching of all sub-elements of Hip-Hop at TDDP was a revelation for him. In conjunction with the launch of his special EP alongside Divine, Karan was driven to give back to the community. Collaborating with The Dharavi DREAM Project and Hemkund Foundation, he organized a Langar service, providing meals to 750 people in the Dharavi community.

The Dharavi Dream Project revolutionizes education by empowering underprivileged youth in Dharavi through a free school of hip hop. This unique initiative mentors and teaches elements like rapping, beatboxing, graffiti styles, and breaking to over 500 students aged 5-24 years. It aims to identify, nurture, and showcase talent from underserved areas, amplifying their voices on a global scale.

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