Vineet releases “Kahan Chal Diye” celebrating the spirit of road trips & the charm of India

Mumbai, 8th May 2024: Vineet aka Vineet Singh Hukmani has released his latest single “Kahan Chal Diye”. This pop-rock song is a vibrant celebration of travel within India, perfectly timed for the upcoming travel season. It encapsulates the joy of exploration and the freedom of the open road, inviting listeners to rediscover the beauty of their homeland.

The song features upbeat drums, happy guitars, and a catchy synth hook. Vineet’s melodious vocals and the uplifting chorus are designed to resonate with anyone who has ever enjoyed the spontaneity of a road trip. The music video showcases picturesque landscapes across India, from rolling hills to serene lakes, captured through cinematic drone footage.

Watch the song here:

Says the artist, “There is a line I read a long time ago which said ‘Look close, you will find closeness’. In the last two years, I have been fortunate to travel a lot both in India and abroad and the distinction of both these situations has become clearer to me than ever before! By all means, people should travel to any destination on this planet – but are you traveling to find inner joy and happiness or are you competing with someone else? That is the question and answer in the words of my song – Kahan Chal Diye… O Raahi…”

This is the genre-bending artist’s third Hindi song, the previous ones being the new age patriotic renditions titled ‘ISRO..India Ka Asli Hero’ and ‘Born In Bharat, Born For India’.

Photo Credit: Vineet Singh Hukmani

Vineet is a multi-faceted artist and author. His groundbreaking achievements include being the first artist globally to secure nine No. 1 singles on the Euro Indie Charts in a single year (2019). His previous hits include Jab the World, I Pray, Ghanta! (So Much Bs) and Turning Back Time. His innovative approach to music has earned him a distinguished place in the industry, having launched the world’s first ‘music multiverse’ and an original superhero comic book series.

“Kahan Chal Diye” is not just a song but an emotion, encouraging listeners to look inward and explore the richness of their own country. It challenges the norms of seeking fulfilment in distant lands, emphasizing that true adventure and contentment might just be a road trip away.

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