Universal Music India brings collaboration of Shankuraj Konwar and Ereka with Hyundai Spotlight for their song – “Make Me Believe”!

Mumbai, 4th November, 2022: After the massive success of Soulmate, Oorukaaran, and Easy Na Lai, Hyundai Spotlight is back with their 5th release, a soulful song that would crave you for a getaway to the mountains. Shankuraj Konwar one of the popular singers from North-East India who has lent his voice to the music industry through some exceptional numbers has released another single ‘Make Me Believe’ featuring Ereka De, a singer from Assam. The song gives sweet and mellow vibes which will have you hooked on it.

Watch the song here:

The song takes you through a beautiful journey describing the emotions and highlighting the best of English and Assamese essence. The song brings back the strongly rooted alt-rock to club it with Assamese to add a regional flavor to the track with slow mellow and pop fusion into it. The video takes you on a journey of two people discovering the hidden gem in between the mountains, accentuating the delightful culture of Assam. The song describes the emotions and hardships the singer Shankuraj had been through in the earlier days of his career to reach where he is today. The video features Ereka, a promising artist from Assam. They both strongly believe it’s time that Northeastern music should be brought to the main stage.

Talking about the song Shankuraj Konwar says, “The soulful fusion of meaningful lyrics, rhythm, composition, and melodic voice has the power to move people like nothing else. Hyundai Spotlight has given us this amazing platform to us and I’m sure our audience will definitely love the song. When music is produced with genuine passion, this fusion ensures a much more intense approach in the audience. In and of itself, music is a potent medium for literature, language, and expression.”

“I’m very happy to be collaborating with Shankuraj Konwar and Hyundai Spotlight for such an amazing opportunity. Make Me Believe is a beautiful song and enhances the Assamese culture with the fusion of English to it which makes it even more special,” says Ereka De.

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