Umer Farooq collaborates with Moosa Saleem on the single “Aaj Kal”

Mumbai, 6th April, 2021: Staying true to his indie/ indie-pop roots in music all the while experimenting with new elements, Umer Farooq collaborated with Moosa Saleem and this song came out sounding more like the music from his album “Patang”, that has been one of the most successful indie albums in India in recent years.

“Aaj Kal” is a song about how someone walks into your life and they, unknowingly, spin your whole world around and make you feel complete in ways you’ve never known it could happen.

Moosa Saleem is a music composer, author and filmmaker from Kashmir who is now settled in Mumbai. His musical aesthetic is majorly influenced by indie pop and classical contemporary. With four albums to his name, he has composed in various genres, ranging from contemporary classical to folk, electronic to rock. He made his first feature film at the age of 20. His work has been aired on MTV Indies and VH1.

Umer Farooq is an indie/pop artist with hits like “Teri Ay” and “Patang” to his name.

In under a month, the song has already been listed on over 500 playlists on Spotify, with over 75k streams and 76k views on YouTube.

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