‘Tu Mera Jahan’ by Syed Ali and Gunjan Singh makes you reflect on the moments of your life!

Mumbai, 1st December 2022: In the age of ultra fast life, a ghazal is something that soothes your soul. Syed Ali has teamed up with Gunjan Singh for ‘Tu Mera Jahan’, a soulful composition that every individual will connect with. Just sit back and reminisce the life with this beautiful composition.

The song is all was released on the 25th of November 2022. The track has a mono chromatic music video which will release on the same day as mentioned above. The track features Syed Ali and Gunjan in the music video.

Watch the music video here:

The song features some instruments like violin western and Norwegian folk violin, flute, orchestra. The project is sponsored by the Art Council Of Norway. This track makes you feel the melancholy of Syed Ali’s voice. This is all about the lover’s longing, missing and loving his girlfriend, while he mesmerizes the amazing time they spent together as a couple. He’s desperately calling out for her, he wants her back in his empty life. This emotional song is full of variations with a slow intro until the dramatic hook kicks in and the high pitch vocals on top of a cool urban pop beat that will defiantly make your body move. Listen for yourself & Enjoy!

Speaking about the track Syed says ” Tu Mera Jahan is a romantic sad song with primary focus on the vocals combined with live instruments. We have also added a cultural element to the song by introducing Norwegian folk style of violin to the track. The orchestral build up with high pitch vocals really elevates the song and gives it a vide dynamic feel.

Adding to Syed, Gunjan Singh shares her side by saying, “The song is called ‘Tu Mera Jahan’ and it is a duet with Syed Ali. It’s a ballad about love and longing. This is the first time I’ve worked with Syed. I’m quite particular about the quality of the projects I get involved in and so is he, so it’s been a wonderful creative experience working with him”.

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