Tsumyoki Releases Debut Album ‘A Message From The Moon’

Mumbai, 6th June 2023: Subsequent to the release of his maiden EP ‘Way Too Messy’ in 2021, Goa-based pop sensation Tsumyoki was logging in substantial time in the studio working towards his next big drop.

As the 21-year-old singer-songwriter and music producer turned a year older on 2nd June, he announced the release of his much-hyped maiden album that sees Tsyumoki navigating through breezy pop narratives and delivering a good vibes record!

Stream the album here on YouTube:

Titled ‘A Message From The Moon’, this captivating 13-track album has been meticulously crafted over a span of three years and features other upcoming talent such as Jaden Maskie, 2Jaym, Elttwo, Prophet Joegus and Kidd Mange

Covering his trajectory since his preliminary years in the music industry, each of the bubbly tracks effortlessly spotlight Tsumyoki’s evolutionary journey and serve as a nuanced demonstration of his own life experiences. While the album unflinchingly explores the profound gratitude he embodies for individuals who have helped him prosper, in dark contrast, it also navigates through the unhealed scars caused by absence of closures in past relationships.

Tsumyoki states, “Symbolically, my moniker represents the moon, and I wanted to share a very personalised perspective on my takeaways and experiences since when I started out on the scene. I couldn’t think of a more apt album name because while the moon stands for Tsumyoki, the sun embodies the people and places that have profoundly inspired and impacted my life unconditionally and I want to express my gratitude towards them. Through this album, I wanted to rejoice the co-dependency of the moon on the sun and in a way celebrate the good over the bad and champion the positive people in my life, despite the sorrow and sadness. The album is a collection of my experiences with growth, grief, affection, separation, and realisations recorded over 3 years and crafted into 13 songs.”

Musically, Tsumyoki employs a rich tapestry of emotive elements, blending pop, rock, and introspective sounds, resulting in an album that seamlessly flows from start to finish with a smooth summery tropical vibe.

‘A Message from the Moon’ is a testament to Tsumyoki’s artistic growth, bringing forth a side of his talent that was previously unexplored.

Stream the album here on Spotify:

About Tsumyoki

Nathan Joseph Mendes, known by his stage name Tsumyoki (meaning vision, productivity and a positive mindset) is a 22-year-old artist from Goa who through his music aims to have his listeners reach the state of ‘Tsumyoki’ with him, ‘a state where we can all live in peace, in positivity and in pure unconditional love, and where the world has stopped its glorious rotations’.

Signed to DIVINE’s Gully Gang Entertainment in 2021, he is steadily making waves in the burgeoning Indian music scene. The multi-talented artist is also a producer, singer, and sound engineer, and a quick look at his music and his vision makes it clear that he’s definitely one to watch out for.

He prefers to take a more direct approach to both his art, as well as his self-image – showing incredible maturity for someone so young. His emotive and evocative expression shines through in his music, and he aims to use this sonic energy to heal people who have gone through similar things.

His releases include ‘Goa Trap Culture – Daboij Album 2021’, an album from which the single ‘Jackets’ made waves and got a great response from his growing fan base. ‘Big Shots’ with Yelhomie and Moko Koza was a collaboration between huge talents that represented the best of Goa and Nagaland respectively. He also produced and performed in the ‘Goa Rap Cypher’ which featured 9 talented and hard-hitting rappers that all hailed from Goa.

It is apparent that Tsumyoki is an artist that is manifesting good music already, and at such a young age, is steadily breaking new ground with his sound. His connection with his listeners is profound and his philosophy of spreading peace, positivity, and pure love, is bound to resonate with a large number of people in the years to come.

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