“Time” by roradoll and Varun Rajput binds a relationship of its own!

2, September 2021: Charita Arora, aka roradoll is out with her debut track, “Time”, where she dons the hat of Singer, Songwriter and Composer. On her journey to her first release, Varun Rajput as a producer of the song.

About the song, roradoll says, “‘Time’ was written to convey the sass that’s ever present during the flirting phase of a relationship. It’s the classic tug of war of emotions where you don’t want to give too much of yourself, yet can’t get enough of the other person. The lyrics were inspired by an anime series called Steins Gate that has a subtle romance set in the middle of a time travel adventure”.

roradoll is a singer-songwriter based in Delhi, India. She’s usually found singing regular sentences and humming most words she hears. She started writing music at the age of 14 and what began as a fun distraction soon pivoted into a serious career choice. Things really took a turn for her when she saw Norah Jones perform live in Delhi. Somewhere in the middle of “Little Broken Hearts” (Norah Jones), she decided that being on stage and performing her own music is exactly what she’s meant to do.

roradoll is also fiercely passionate about the music industry in India. Apart from being a singer-songwriter, she’s been working behind the scenes with promoters, music magazines, blogs, artists, and music schools for about 7 years and is also quite focused on sharing all her knowledge by being a music educator.

Varun Rajput is a seasoned composer, producer and performer based out of New Delhi, India. Best known for his work as the founder, singer and guitarist of Premier Indian Rock act, Antariksh, Varun is also renowned for his eclectic guitar playing and bringing a modern, edgy sound to the world of Hindi Rock music in India.

With over 15 years of experience as a music professional, Varun has played over a 1000 concerts across the world. Other than spearheading Antariksh, Varun has also toured as a session guitar player as well as collaborated with renowned artists such as leading Indian rock band ‘Parikrama’, popular metal guitarist, Marty Friedman, Bollywood singers – Shilpa Rao, Harshdeep Kaur, Carnatic guitar virtuoso, Baiju Dharmajan, legendary artists such as Ehsaan Noorani, Indian Ocean, as well as many popular independent Rock bands in India.

The song is out now and is available across all the major streaming platforms.

Song Name: Time

Genre: Pop

Sub-Genre/Mood: Indie, Pop Singer Songwriter, Jazz-Blues

Singer: roradoll

Composer: roradoll

Lyrics: roradoll

Producer: Varun Rajput

Mixing: Varun Rajput, Antariksh Studios

Mastering: Labrat Studio


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