This is the time for me to actively experiment and find my sound through it: Avanti Patel

Avanti Patel has released her latest single ‘Khoee’ on 28th October. It is a song about the feeling of being lost, a feeling which is common and relatable to all of us. Avanti is a trained Hindustani Classical artist and was one of the Top 10 finalists of Indian Idol season 10. We had a brief interaction with her on her latest release, here are the excerpts:

What inspired you to write ‘Khoee’ and the meaning behind the song?

‘Khoee’ was written a few years ago and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to release it back then. It was my way of making sense of the constant quest and search we all go through while finding ourselves. So many times, life decides to throw curveballs at us and somehow, there’s an inner voice that tells us to keep at it and to not give up. In these ups and downs of life I believe, we truly find ourselves.

Watch the song here:

How does ‘Khoee’ differ from your previous single ‘Sandesa’ in terms of style and sound?

‘Sandesa’, which released in August this year, is a contemporary Hindustani classical ‘bandish’ with a very signature rock production and arrangement. ‘Khoee’ on the other hand will transport you to an old Bombay retro jazz bar. The song has a serenading quality to it and is quite different from any of my other work released till date.

Can you tell us about the creative process behind ‘Khoee’, and how you brought the retro jazz vibe to life in the song?

When I shared the first draft of ‘Khoee’ with Abhay, our producer on the song, he instantly vibed with it. We both felt that the song had a nostalgic and familiar quality about it and decided to do a jazz arrangement. I love it when a melody spontaneously inspires further creativity among all the artists working on it. When we took ‘Khoee’ to the studio, every single artist who worked on it added his/her own touch, an extra ounce of love to it. Tracking the clarinet for this song was such a surreal experience for me as a music composer. That day in the studio will remain etched in my mind for many years to come.

Photo Credit: Simone Gandhi

What was your favourite part of creating and producing ‘Khoee’?

Arranging and seeing the backing vocals come to life and tracking the clarinet in the studio are tough competitors for this spot.

How has your Indian heritage influenced your music?

As a Hindustani classical musician, I grew up with Raags and Bandishes. My musical heritage is a huge influence on not just the music I make, but my identity as an individual.

What can audiences expect from your upcoming releases and future projects?

A lot of music that feels ‘me’. This is the time for me to actively experiment and find my sound through it. As an artist I believe my Indie music gives me the freedom to say what I truly feel needs to be said, not just with the lyrics of my songs but also with my stylistic and compositional influences. This includes my love for Hindustani Classical Music, Thumri, Ghazal on the one hand and vocal harmonies, melody centric arrangements and production, creating beautiful and hum-able tunes on the other.

Photo Credit: Simone Gandhi

Your final words on ‘Khoee’?

I think ‘Khoee’ is very relatable. I hope my listeners enjoy this side of me and find the same joy I did while making it as they listen.

Yes, the song is relatable and we have been hooked to it! Looking out for more to come from Avanti Patel!

Photo Credit: Simone Gandhi

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