The biggest thing with Saregama is the freedom I have been getting: Varsha Dhanoa

Varsha Singh Dhanoa has been in the industry for over a decade now and has managed to carve a niche for herself. From being in a popular reality singing show – The Voice India (Himesh Reshammiya’s Team), winning the YouTube Nextup Winner 2019 India, she is recognised as a versatile singer. From Bollywood to independent, she has delved into various forms of music, and she recently released her track ‘Kon Disa Mein’, a recreation of a very popular song of yesteryears, with Saregama. We had a conversation with her lately, here’s what she has to say:

When was the first that you had heard the song ‘Kon Disa Mein’ and how did the recreation process happen?

Actually, its one of my and my mom’s favourite songs. It has always been playing at the back of mind in many ways. However, when I reached studio and asked Guru to recreate this, he hadn’t heard the original one. This became a good start point as then he could make the rhythm based on how I sing. Maddy gave guitars for the song and the whole song came about in half hour, audio as well as video.

Watch the song ‘Kon Disa Mein’ here:

As an artist, how do you treat recreations and originals?

Recreations are previously heard and there is a big responsibility to do justice to the song. It has to be a very thought-out process as the audience can literally rip you apart if they don’t like it vis-à-vis the original. When it come to originals, we are a bit more confident because it is our baby! There is a freedom of creativity in originals for the artists.

How did the collaboration with Saregama come about?

When I recreated ‘Kon Disa Mein’, I wasn’t aware that it is a Saregama song. When I put this song out, Saregama team approached to connect with them. They asked me to work on this song jointly, promoting me as an artist in the process. That’s when I started working with them on this song and it has been a very engaging experience. They have guided and supported me very very well.

Photo Credit: Varsha’s Instagram

How has been your experience working with Saregama? What’s more in store?

The biggest thing with Saregama is the freedom I have been getting, the discussions are open and honest. The team makes you feel at home and there is no pressure to put a certain number of songs out, just because you are working with a label. I have to release 10 songs with Saregama, first of which is already out. 9 more to go, and I am gearing up for more work with them over the next 5 months on these.

For an artist like yourself, what good is happening in the industry and what better can be done?

The good part is the digital ecosystem which gives you an ability to reach and expand your horizon. You can put your music out on platforms like YouTube, do your own PR through platforms like Instagram, and you can connect with fans over all the social media platforms that are available in the industry. The flip side however is the excess of content. Getting filtered through this content overflow is a tough task. Having said that, advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Well, that’s Varsha Dhanoa and as she signs out, let us go and watch ‘Kon Disa Mein all over again!

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