The 2.0 version of Tanishk is definitely winning hearts with ‘Taare’

Singer & Composer Tanishk’s latest single receives much adulation from netizens

Mumbai, 13th March 2023: Recently, singer composer Tanishk left the fans awestruck with an ear pleasing track ‘Taare’ in collaboration with T-Series. With the comments rolling down the feed ever since its release, it’s safe to say that Tanishk’s voice is definitely winning hearts. Always experimenting with his music and offering newness in every song that turned out to be chartbusters, Tanishk once again left no stones unturned with ‘Taare’ as well by not only composing but also lending his vocals to it. The fans have always supported and offered their love to Tanishk, and this song being his first ever Indie pop single, is no exception. 

Watch the song here:

The fans call the song addictive and blessing to the ear for its soulful music. One of the fans wrote, “Blessing to our ears!🥺❤️ Especially the part, ‘meri neendein lautade’ hits straight to the core,  maaannn!😩”, while another wrote, “Already played it like more than hundred times!! Loved it.”

With immense love that the fans have been showering to his first Indie single, the song ‘Taare’ is set to be a chartbuster with over 2.2Million views on YouTube in just two weeks. Another one of the fans also mentioned “This music is a lifesaver when it comes to doing paper, homework, studying for the final exams!!!” now that ought to be proof enough of the artist’s hard work and creativity. With ‘Taare’ being on the top of playlists, we sure can’t wait to hear more of Tanishk.

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