“Tera Naam” by DJ Narain on Times Music is a beautiful ode to the age of innocence

Mumbai, 25th April 2022: DJ Narain has made a superb comeback with Tera Naam after a long sabbatical. The song has been sung, written, and composed by DJ Narain (Dharmendra Jai Narain). While the music has been programmed by the upcoming Bawa Rocker, the mixing has been done by Naresh Vikal.

DJ Narain who was one of the key pillars and founders of the pop group Aryans, also belonged to the prestigious Indian Civil Services. DJ Narain’s story is a script out of films. At the peak of Aryans, he decided to take a break from the music industry to find some solace far away from the madding crowds. Now he is back after more than 10 years and he aims to recreate the magic of the past. This time he has created immensely hummable poetry and musical melody of Tera Naam.

Tera Naam is the story of 2 college boys- Meherzan and Ronit & their college mate Anishha catching up with each other again at a college reunion. The boys reminisce about how they wanted to propose to her but they could not as they realize that both of them like the same girl. The trio tries to get back their mojo as they get stuck in post-college work life. At the reunion, they bang into their college mentor and their music role model DJ Narain and for old time’s sake, they all decide to sneak back to their music studio. There is surely more to the story that is immensely believable and likable.

Tera Naam is an ode to the best days of our lives, the age of innocence and falling in love, often, only to get heartaches. The song is set in very contemporary music

While the commentaries in the song like ” Ghar ke chaubare woh yaaron ke  Mele, Amma ka kehna beta khana tow lele”.  reflect the beautiful time when we were all growing up, the main verses of the song tell the story of love that remained in my heart only. The line ” Usko puta na tha, jisko they chahte, sapno ki dori se patang the udaate..”   says it all about the state of heart.

“It feels great to be back after a long time. Tera Naam is a very relatable song and I am sure that the audience will love the contemporary and refreshing vibe of this song,” said the amazing DJ Narain.

Tera Naam is Times Music’s exclusive release and is available on Times Music’s YouTube channel. It is also available on all the top streaming platforms for you to enjoy listening to it.

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