Tarra, singer-songwriter from Mumbai releases her debut single, “This Isn’t Love”

Mumbai, 17th December 2021: Eighteen year old Mumbai based singer-songwriter Tarra is the newest entrant to India’s independent pop music scene, and she is here to start with a bang. Her debut original “This Isn’t Love” comes complete with a music video, which will be releasing shortly and a voice instantly reminiscent of international pop acts like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo.

Although sweet and catchy sounding at first, don’t be fooled, for “This Isn’t Love” is a song with a deeply emotional heart. In it, Tarra describes the sinking feeling of being in a relationship with someone who claims to “love” you, but is really just using you to fill a void in their life.  With refreshingly candid lyrics like “which hole are you trying to fill this time” and “you only want someone to spend the night with you”, This Isn’t Love is not your typical sad song. It’s an 18 year old admitting that maybe she’s too young to know what love really is….but she is sure that THIS clearly isn’t it. The song has been entirely written, composed, produced and sung by the artist.

watch the song here:

This is only the beginning for Tarra, who is all set to bring the international English pop sound to India. She began songwriting at the age of thirteen, and over the last few years, has been working on music with producers from the US, UK, Canada and the Netherlands, in addition to producing her own songs. Starting now, she is on a mission to release a new song and music video every other week, and you can follow her adventures in music here:

Instagram: @tarrasuniverse

Youtube: www.youtube.com/tarrasuniverse

Website: www.tarrasuniverse.com

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