T-Series to officially launch Arijit Singh’s ‘Bhool Jaa’ after the leaked audio went viral

Mumbai, 2nd October 2023: The viral audio of Arijit Singh’s heartbreak song, earlier touted as a track from “Aashiqui 3” was recently leaked! The audio is from a song titled “Bhool Jaa” by T-Series. The leaked audio was so well received by the fans that it quickly became the centrepiece of Instagram reels and videos. Responding to this overwhelming outpouring of love, T-Series has decided to treat fans with a special gift—the official launch of the track as a new single. Despite not being officially launched, the snippet became a trending audio sensation on Instagram, leaving fans eager for more.

One of them commented, “Another masterpiece loading,” while the other wrote “best emotional lyrics” amongst many others. Titled ‘Bhool Jaa,’ this highly-anticipated release is scheduled for 6th October. The leak of ‘Bhool Jaa’ was like a bolt from the blue for fans of Arijit Singh and we can only anticipate the fandom and madness ahead for this trending track. Sung by Arijit Singh, T-Series’ Bhool Jaa will be out on 6th October, on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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