Srushti’s ‘We Don’t Care’ will make you sit up and notice!

Mumbai, 18th April 2024: It’s on rare occasions that we’ve been so moved by a piece of music and the thought of a 25 year old’s power of multi-lingual expression so strong, that it honestly makes you sit up and think. Srushti wrote a song on the current global environment and her take on the psychological impact of it.

Watch the visualiser song here:

Talking about the song Srushti says, “If war & terrorism is out of sight, it goes out of mind, but it is never out of reality. Such a reality desperately needs a revolution. ‘We Don’t Care’ speaks to the necessary & impactful but long forgotten voices of the educated, the think-abled, the laymen who hold a long forgotten power to bring about revolution if they choose to”.

An independent song by the artist via Tunecore and facilitated by Bluprint, ‘We Don’t Care’ released around a week back and has generated a buzz amongst her listeners. This brave & beautiful piece of writing needs to be heard and felt the impact of. Written in Hindi with a Spanish hook, the song will keep you glued from start to finish!

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