So early in my career, getting this kind of reaction is breathtaking: Maahi

Maahi might be just about two songs old, but he has surely garnered attention within the music industry and outside of it. After his debut release, ‘Sorry’, he has come out with his latest track ‘Jaadugari’ on Saregama. We had a quick interaction with him about his work, some of his thoughts in general, and here is what he said:

Tell us about the song and the video

‘Jaadugari’ is a romantic song, a song for your partner, basically a love song. When I was making Jaadugari, I was pretty sure that the video would be one of those normal romantic song videos. However, the song’s video came up very differently. In the video, it is the dog which is taking me towards my possible romantic interest, which is where the ‘Jaadugari’ lies too. The video in itself as a story is a cute one to watch, the song is beautiful, and when both these come together, the music video just creates a magic.

The song has crossed 2.6 million views on YouTube. How much does this mean to you?

The correct answer would be that I don’t focus on numbers, and I work on my craft, but I am just so new to this that my eyes tend to go to the numbers. So early in my career, getting this kind of reaction is breathtaking. I am very grateful for each and every person hearing my song, I did not envision this happening at this scale. I am counting my blessings. When I see these numbers, I feel proud but more than pride it is gratitude.

Watch the song here:

How was the experience working with the team of Saregama?

Saregama is one big family, and I am so happy to be ‘adopted’ by them. My experience working with them has been incredible. They have such a rich history; my great grandfather has released music with Saregama, then my grandfather, my father and now I am releasing music with them. Saregama for me is truly a family, this is just the start and I will keep going with them.

In the current day and age, to be able to carry song video on your own, what is that extra that you look to do?

To carry music video on your own, its not just about your singing. The way you look, talk, appear, your hair, dancing, performance, etc. all culminates into a good watchable song. Taking care of your diet is very important as well. In today’s world where one can upload a music video, shot out of an iPhone camera, then your competition is the whole world. So, when you get an opportunity like this (working with Saregama), you have to give it your all and cover every base. For me, music is the core, but I am also working on my dancing skills, acting, performance, etc. to present a holistic ‘pop-star’ as they say.

What you think makes you stand out?

What is very important is authenticity! Its not just skills, but also about what an artist stands for. I may not be the best singer, the best dancer or the best actor, but I hope people will listen to me for the messages in my songs. Every musician has a story to tell, and I hope people enjoy the stories that I am telling.

‘Sorry’ and ‘Jaadugari’ have a similar sonic identity. Is this a conscious choice?

I won’t say that it’s a conscious choice, but I would say that I am in that zone where I am liking these mid-tempo romantic tracks. But at the same time, I am looking to branch out into different categories, more of which will come out in some time.

Plan for rest of the 2024?

More performance, more music for the rest of the year!

Well, so here it is, the “Jaadugari’ boy giving us the magic moments through his latest song. Two tracks as the catalogue and more to add on, there is possibly no-limit to Maahi’s array of work that is bound to explode in the coming times. Keep a tab on what’s to come from him, but till then, it’s ‘Jaadugari’!

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