Singer-Songwriter Jyoti Kavi is all set to enthral us with her single Sukoon

Mumbai, 15th April 2023: Independent singer- songwriter Jyoti Kavi recently released her latest single Sukoon. After entertaining us with her previous singles like Dagar Dagar, Aazma, Saaware Sun and more, this is her next single which is inspired by her personal life experiences.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track Jyoti says “Sukoon” -was born from a very personal experience. With the busy lives we lead, sometimes it all gets a bit too much. And the urge to find solace in solitude takes over… “Sukoon” is a song about getting away, escaping the noise of the World and getting some “me time”. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go back to bed, our lives are consumed by technology, deadlines and stress. From that thought came a desire for “full detox”; some time to connect with nature, introspect, and find that inner peace. This feeling is very real and I believe something each of us can relate to. With Sukoon, I hope to share the calm I experienced after going through my own journey and perhaps inspire others to reconnect with themselves.

Jyoti loves combining elements from across genres, styles and languages. Her music draws upon moments in her life. Just as life is not a single mood or emotion, her songs vary in theme. Jyoti started singing at an early age, life happened. And it took many years for her passion for music to overcome the hypnosis of duty – and for her to realize that passions and responsibilities can coexist in harmony. Her first song came about as an experiment; to prove to herself that she could do it. Beyond that, there is nothing to prove. Jyoti makes music simply because she loves it.

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