Shevya’s ‘Chaand’ resonates from the word go!

Mumbai, 24th July 2023: Shevya Awasthi has recently released her latest track ‘Chaand’. Immersed with personal experiences and soul, the song resonates right from the word go! ‘Chaand’ is Shevya’s third single, produced by Varun Jhunjhunwalla and Shankara Srikantan.

Stream the song here:

Talking about the song she says’ “ ‘Chaand’ was written to express the loneliness I have felt from being the odd one out. At times, my longing to fit in has left me feeling jealous and isolated from others, whether amongst friends, in school, or even with my family. I wanted to capture this feeling through the metaphor of being the lonely moon in a sky full of stars. Wrapped in a jazzy, cinematic ballad, ‘Chaand’ represents a journey towards embracing one’s uniqueness”.

Shevya is a desi-fusion singer-songwriter. Her music is heavily influenced by Bollywood, Pop, and RnB. She takes inspiration from artists like Charlie Puth, Doja Cat, and Arijit Singh. Shevya aims to create Hindi music in the stylings of Western pop/R&B, representing a new genre of independent Indian music. She hopes to one day be the first female Indian artist to top charts around the world with a Hindi-Language song!

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