Shen B delivered an unforgettable tribute to women, ‘Rubina’, on MTV Hustle 03

Applauded by music icons Salim Merchant and Badshah, the Jammu rapper’s set was an ode to the indelible impact of women; Shen B’s poetic verse narrated the legacy of the strength, love and resilience of his mother, wife and daughter.

Mumbai, 28th November 2023: Breakout hip-hop artist Shen B stunned the viewers and judges of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT with his best performance on the show so far. The rapper-poet presented “Rubina”, an emotional, profound and fierce track that honoured the women who shaped his life — his mother, his wife and his daughter. Borrowing Kashmiri lines from his great grandfather’s writings, the Jammu hip-hop sensation brought a raw and powerful track to the stage that reflected on the legacy and impact of women. Woven from personal experiences of growing up, coming of age, and building a life, the moving song, which bears the names of Shen B’s mother and daughter, was met with applause and appreciation by music icons Salim Merchant and Badshah. Shen B was also presented with the coveted recognitions of Performer of the Week and Radio Hit for his memorable set on the third season of MTV Hustle.

Watch Shen B performing ‘Rubina’ here:

About the now fan favourite performance and his time on MTV Hustle 03, Shen B says, “In my transformative journey on this beloved show, this song was my full circle — from one Rubina to another. I got the opportunity to keep my family’s culture alive by performing in the Kashmiri language on national television. This stage opened me up as an artist. I started as an old school hip-hop specialist, but now, I’m a versatile artist exploring various genres. I am a people’s rapper; emotions are centred in my music.”

While this year witnessed Shen B’s first performances on national television, the hip-hop artist has been on a steady rise since he dropped the 2019 single “Chal Beta”. The rapper has been noted as being a “multi-faceted maverick” with “expansive and very tangible creativity” as well as possessing a “never-say-die attitude” by prestigious publications such as Rolling Stone India, The Times of India, The Hindu, India Today and more. He has received widespread acclaim for hit tracks such as “Sone Do”, “Colder”, “Fankaar”, “Zamaana” and “Gair”. The rapper is especially noted for his fluid production with sharp and insightful lyricism in Hindi, Urdu and English too.

About being a part of Indian hip-hop’s legacy, Shen B says, “Empowering smaller cities and states in hip-hop culture is empowering the movement. Representing Jammu & Kashmir on this stage was a dream come true. Paying tribute to the women in my life was a heartfelt moment.”

Shen B hails from the city of Jammu in the union territory of Jammu & Kashmir. As a local hip-hop heavyweight, the artist has devotedly participated in organising, nurturing and amplifying music from the region. He has also passionately built concerts, classes and platforms to showcase the inspiring talents of the area. Consistently thought-provoking and unique in his artistry, Shen B rose against the odds to represent the sound, politics and creativity of the times, even when 4G internet services were suspended in J&K. A trailblazing musician with 2 well-received EPs and a brilliant discography of 14 singles, Shen B is carving a distinctive mark in Indian hip-hop.

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