Shantanu Live releases his debut EP and it’s a must listen!

Mumbai, 27th May 2024: Shantanu Live has released his debut EP ‘Badon Ki Lori’ featuring 3 tracks with distinct sound to them. The EP features his music composition, production, songwriting and singing, along with his performances on guitar, piano and melodica.

Talking about the EP Shantanu says, “The overarching goal of this EP was to stretch the boundaries of my musical expression. Drawing from my studies in jazz harmony and Kannakol, I aimed to incorporate these diverse influences into my compositions, creating a sonic fusion that reflects both my musical journey and the rich tapestry of cultural influences that shape my artistic vision”.

Stream the EP here:

On a lyrical level, each track on the EP serves as a canvas for exploring themes that hold personal significance to the artist or shed light on pressing issues in contemporary society. “Nasiba” dives into introspective and deeply personal themes, drawing from his own experiences and emotions. In contrast, “Badon ki Lori” and “Fuck that shit” confront societal challenges and injustices head-on, using music as a vehicle for social commentary and critique.

Photo Credit: Shantanu Sawant

Despite the specific perspectives from which each song is written, Shantanu has intentionally crafted the lyrics to be open-ended and interpretive. He gets listeners to engage with the poetry on their own terms, drawing from their own experiences and perspectives to derive meaning and resonance from the music. In this way, the EP becomes not just a collection of songs, but a collaborative exploration of the human experience through the medium of music.

EP features some of the prominent artists like Karan Chitra Deshmukh – Percussions (Nasiba), Shivang Kapadia – Drum (Badon ki lori and Fuck that shit) and Saurabh Suman – Bass (Badon ki lori and Fuck that shit). Saahas Saritha Bala has done the Mix and Master, and the EP is recorded at – Island City, Mumbai.

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