Saroj Kashyap’s ‘Bruises’ explores the intricate dynamics of relationships

Mumbai, 22nd March 2024: Saroj Kashyap’s ‘Bruises’ weaves together the fragmented memories of two individuals, each grappling with their own experiences of pain and vulnerability. This track explores the intricate dynamics of relationships and tries to expose the fine line between tough love and abuse. Through this, Saroj nudges her listeners to reflect on the complexities of love and its painful manifestations.

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Saroj Kashyap is a Bangalore based singer-songwriter with a passion for exploring the depths of complex emotions and vulnerabilities through introspective songwriting. Through music, she hopes to seek clarity and connect with others navigating similar emotional landscapes. Her songs make an earnest attempt at offering solace and embracing the forbidden subjects of life. In 2023, Saroj released three singles that were well received. As she continues to evolve with her sound, her aim is to experiment and create music that retains authenticity and honesty in every composition.

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