Santhosh aka San T releases his latest album ‘Lord Poetry’

Mumbai, 15th June 2023: After releasing his album Naan Kaththukitta HipHop Santhosh aka San T has now released his latest album Lord Poetry. “Lord Poetry,” is a collection of five songs and one skit that he has written and performed himself.

Watch ‘My Name Is’ here:

He believes that his soul’s energy can be converted into songs, and thus he has given himself the title Lord Poetry. Speaking about the project he says “This EP is a storytelling journey that starts with my introduction and ends with a powerful song that needs no introduction. Throughout the album, me and my alter egos express ourselves and our thoughts, making it a deeply personal and introspective project”.

Stream the EP here:

Santhosh also known as San T hails from Tiruvannamalai and his journey began during his college days. Together with AF Althaf they made a mark on the college culture by freestyling during last bench and lab hours. Later on, Thara Local Pasanga was formed by Mc Valluvar, and the real game began.

Their first cypher went viral, and they released many singles. During this time, San T worked hard on carving out his first album. Finally, in 2021, Naan Kaththukitta Hip hop, his debut album, was released worldwide. San T had been working on this album since 2018, and it was a challenging process, but he trusted it. Naan Kaththukitta Hip Hop is a reflection of what San T has learned and earned throughout his journey. Currently, he is working on a new album called Lord Poetry. It will be exciting to see what San T brings to the table with this new project.

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