Sandhya Chari shines with her new track ‘Someone Special”

Tamil artist is breaking regional and lingual barriers with her new Punjabi single

The track is a follow-up to the viral success of her last release, My Roots


18th August 2022: Sandhya Chari, the California-based Tamil-American musician, has released her pop song “Someone Special” recently. Sandhya was also one of the winners of Academy and Grammy-Award winning musician A.R. Rahman’s 99 Songs Cover Star contest.

Someone Special is in the Urban Desi/Punjabi pop genre. It has got different elements of your modern-day Western pop and a little flair of Punjabi Folk. All in all, it’s definitely a crowd pleaser and the next song that everyone is going to be jamming to.

Watch the video song here:

The inspiration for this track was to bring similar vibes that Mickey Singh and Zack Knight do with their music. They create songs with the perfect cross-bridge between Western and Desi elements. In this track, Sandhya added her own original English lyrics to make it more relatable to the larger South Asian diaspora in other countries!

Sandhya Chari is a Tamil-American vocalist, lyricist, and composer based out of California, USA. Honoring her history and legacy, her debut independent single “My Roots” is a kaleidoscope of her homeland’s diversity. The rising artist is redefining how one claims their origins through this celebratory debut.


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