Saachi Mendon’s ‘Letters to Christchurch’ is a letter to all those who live away from home

Mumbai, 16th February 2023: ‘Letters to Christchurch’ is composed as a letter addressed to everyone who lives away from home and loved ones. This epistolary work voices the persistent struggle of adapting to a new life in a new city with new people while at the same time, missing the aching familiarity of the life you left behind and the person you used to be. This letter in particular is headed to Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Saachi Mendon has always loved the magic of letters and finds them charming even though the world has moved on to emails and text messages. The scent of love and intimacy at the centre of all letters still remains unmatched and will remain so forever. Every handwritten word is etched with longing for a place you once called home.  A place that simply made you — who you are.

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Saachi Mendon composed this track in a very dark period of her life, without any intention of making a song. ‘The words came through in the form of a letter. It was everything I wanted to say to ones who got away’, the young artist remarks. The sound of Nylon string guitar cradles you and makes you feel at home. The mixing and mastering was done by Siddharth Shenoy who gave the track all the final touches it needed and brought the vision to life. He also produced Saachi Mendon’s debut EP – Until next time released in the year 2019.The delightful music video was shot by Arnav Kurumbhate and Nishant Nair.

This song is the most personal track that Saachi Mendon has released yet. Why? Because, well, she loves nothing more than a love song. Her previous releases, however, EP- Until Next Time, Funk You and Tangled Shades of Brown introduce you to different sides of her and are also worthy of mention.

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