Romantic Blast from the Past – ‘Jo Haal Dil Ka’ with Zain Imam and Reem Sameer Shaikh

Mumbai, 13th October 2023: Embark on a soul-stirring musical voyage as Jo Haal Dil Ka, a rendition of the 90s classic from the film Sarfarosh, is taking the world by storm. This song reignites the flames of nostalgia while kindling a new passion in the hearts of lovers.

Watch the song here:

‘Jo Haal Dil Ka’ is a timeless melody reinvigorated with a contemporary twist. This passionate romantic song stars the enigmatic duo of Zain Imam and Reem Sameer Shaikh, whose on-screen chemistry is set to enthral audiences. Dev Negi and Priya Saraiya, two extraordinary talents, lend their voices to this heartfelt rendition. With music composed by the maestro Chirantan Bhatt and lyrics crafted by the gifted Manoj Yadav, Jo Haal Dil Ka is directed by the visionary Feroz Khan.

Zain Imam talking about the song said, “Working on Jo Haal Dil Ka has been an incredible experience, especially being a part of one of the most iconic love songs we’ve grown up listening to. Dev Negi & Priya Saraiya’s voice in the song has been pure phenomenal.”

This timeless melody bridges gaps between generations. Jo Haal Dil Ka will not only make the older generations hum the tune but also captivate Gen-Zs.

Reem Sameer Shaikh expressed her feelings about the song by saying, “Jo Haal Dil Ka is a musical journey that transcends time. It’s been a privilege to be part of this reimagined classic, and I hope it touches the hearts of all who listen to it.”

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