Rising Stars Garvit-Priyansh to launch their debut EP ‘Lafz’ with T-Series on 9th April

Mumbai, 2nd April 2024: Budding music artists and producer-songwriter duo Garvit Priyansh are all set to add another feather to their hat as they gear up to release their debut EP ‘Lafz’ on April 9th. The EP is in collaboration with T-Series, after the duo was exclusively signed by the label. Lafz is a captivating fusion of Indian classical tunes and contemporary music with 4 unique songs.

The EP features a collection of mesmerizing tracks, including ‘Baaton Hi Baaton Mein,’ ‘Jiya Mera,’ ‘Keh Do Na,’ and ‘Rasta.’ Each song showcases the duo’s ability to evoke emotions through their heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring compositions. Bound by their love for music, Garvit and Priyansh have seamlessly blended modern rhythms and traditional melodies, as can be heard in their first track ‘Sanware.’

Sharing their experience Garvit and Priyansh said, “We are absolutely grateful and honoured to be signed by T-Series. It like a dream come true to be releasing our first EP with such an esteemed label. Lafz is not just an EP; it’s a culmination of our shared passion and dedication to creating music that speaks to the soul. We really hope that the listeners connect to the songs and love them as much as we do.” As the indie music scene continues to thrive, artists like Garvit and Priyansh represent a new wave of talents who are redefining the landscape. Their emergence underscores the growing appreciation for indie music, signalling a shift towards diverse and eclectic sounds in the mainstream. Produced by T-Series, ‘Lafz’ will be out on T-Series YouTube channel.

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