Rising artist Samarth Swarup to drop a genre-defying EP ‘Sama’ with T-Series on 7th May

Mumbai, 30th April 2024: Prepare for a musical experience as Samarth Swarup gears up for the release of his upcoming EP “Sama”. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, the EP includes four mesmerizing tracks that blend genres and celebrate diversity like never before.

Samarth Swarup, a T-Series artist, presents a musical journey that transcends boundaries, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a fusion of genres, cultures, and emotions. From the infectious beats of the track “Dholna” to the heartfelt tribute of “Lage Na Jiya”, and the beautiful melody of “Mann Jugnoo” and “Kol Aaja”, each track offers a unique perspective, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a world of sonic innovation.

Commenting on the EP, Samarth Swarup says, “The idea behind Sama was to create music by blending various genres that can resonate with audiences worldwide. Every song has relatability factor and I hope it strikes a chord with the listeners, for instance, ‘Dholna’ is an endeavour to celebrate young love, ‘Lage Na Jiya’ has more traditional melodies and rhythms and its personally very close to me as it’s a gift from me to my wife. ‘Mann Jugnoo’ will take listeners on a journey of self-discovery, love and inner reflection and ‘Kol Aaja’ is mix of Indian melodies and global pop sound.” he says. “Sama” isn’t just an EP; it’s a cultural phenomenon with its diverse sounds and universal themes which has the potential to resonate with audiences worldwide. Experience this unique musical journey, as Sama is all set to release on 7th May 2024.

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