Rishi Kumar debuts as a singer with ‘Raah De’

Mumbai, 21st September 2023: Rishi Kumar, from producing popular tracks like “Kyun”, “Mere Ho Tum”, and “Suno”, has made his debut as a singer with his latest single “Raah De”. It’s always a significant moment for an artist to step into a new role within the music industry. “Raah De” seems like a special and meaningful song. It will be interesting to see how this new venture unfolds and what unique elements Rishi Kumar brings to his singing career.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track Rishi says “”Raah De” is extremely special to me, for more than one reason; obviously it’s my debut as a singer, but a very interesting fact is that I composed the melody of the chorus in a dream. In the dream I was playing the exact melody with the chords, and after I woke up, I immediately recorded a voice note playing the same thing on my piano. I composed the melody of the verse in school. This is also the first time I’m featuring a live-played Indian classical instrument in my song, the sarod. If you listen closely, the sarod tells the entire story of the song through its music, beautifully played by Pratik Shrivastava ji. I co-wrote the lyrics with Anshul Mathur ji, and the female singer on the duet is Vaani Bhasin didi.”

Stream the song and have a great time!

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