Rish releases a romantic single “Dil Jod Da” with Def Jam India

A song that perfectly describes the heart suffering after a heartbreak

Mumbai, 28th Feb 2023: Singer Rish who has solidified his place as one of modern India’s influential emcees and lyricists collaborates with Def Jam India for a romantic single, “Dil Jod Da”. Written and composed by Rish himself the song talks about a young man’s hopeless romanticism and heartbreak.

Watch the song here:

Rish has poured his heart out on this track and has made a hard-hitting record showcasing artist accountability. The song uncovers the heart’s deepest emotion after a brutal heartbreak. Rather than being affected by the heartbreak and reaching rock bottom, Rish rises above adversity and expresses his emotions through the track.

Speaking about his song Rish said, “After a year gap Dil Jod Ja is my comeback to music. Every time we release a song as an artist, we want to offer the audience something fresh and new. The song has come out from a very heavy heart experience and emotional rollercoaster. It holds a special place in my heart. I’m thankful to Def Jam India for giving me such a great platform to bring out my music and I hope that the listeners will share the sentiments and relate to it in the same manner and support like they always have”. The music video’s minimalistic but provocative visuals demonstrate heavily on Rishi’s intense ghetto attitude. Slick elements in the music video – the artist sitting lonely in a massive studio, his ex-lover captured within a ring of fire and his passive-aggressive flirtation – portray Rish’s longing for freedom as he urges to take the pain away. The images perfectly capture the emotional bravado that a young, wild heart suffers after experiencing heartbreak.

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