Rap sensation Irfana releases ‘London Dry’ – A Fierce Masterpiece with Def Jam India

Mumbai, 11th January 2024: Def Jam Recordings India has released ‘London Dry’, the latest explosive single from rap sensation Irfana. Collaborating with acclaimed record producer Zero Chill, this track marks Irfana’s sophomore release with the label, showcasing a bold evolution in her artistry. Delivering a punchy, aggressive, and unapologetic musical statement, “London Dry” establishes Irfana as a trailblazer in Southern India’s rap scene.

Produced by Zero Chill, “London Dry” emerges as a flagrant rap record, highlighting Irfana’s confident and self-absorbing lyricism. This track represents her most assertive body of work yet, reinforcing her dominant presence within the rap landscape. With an unapologetic choppa flow, Irfana solidifies her formidable stance in rap music, displaying an unyielding spirit and unmatched talent. This collaboration is a significant milestone for both Irfana and Zero Chill, occurring amidst their meteoric rises in the rap scene in 2023. Together, they craft a sonic experience that pushes the boundaries of contemporary rap music, delivering a fierce and captivating narrative.

Watch the song here:

Expressing her excitement, Irfana states, “Collaborating with Zero Chill for ‘London Dry’ was an unfiltered collision of our creative energies. This track is a bold rap narrative that embodies our fearless pursuit of pushing boundaries within the genre. It’s my most aggressive body of work yet, and I’ve poured my heart and soul into its creation. I hope it resonates with the audience, and they shower lots of love on ‘London Dry.'”

Born in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, Irfana stands tall as Def Jam Recordings India’s first female signee. Renowned for her ‘conscious rap music,’ she elevates crucial conversations about feminism, Southern India’s cultural heritage, and socio-political themes. Her major label debut, “Sheila Silk,” released last year, solidified her position as a rap figurehead and an inspiration for young women in the industry. Irfana’s journey began with her debut under Universal Music India in April 2022 with “Southside Menace,” showcasing her versatility across various rap sub-genres.

Zero Chill, an acclaimed record producer from Mumbai known for innovative experimentation with classic 808s and trap music, added, “Irfana is immensely talented and has great potential. Working with her was a wholesome experience. I am sure ‘London Dry’ is going to be a banger for all the Hip-Hop lovers. Eagerly waiting for listeners’ reactions to it!”

About Def Jam Recordings India

Def Jam India is Universal Music India’s new label division within India and South Asia dedicated to representing the best hip-hop and rap talent from the region. Def Jam India follows the blueprint of the iconic Def Jam Recordings label, which has led and influenced cutting-edge hip-hop and urban culture for over 35 years. While Def Jam is a global hip-hop powerhouse that represents an iconic roster of artists such as LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Pusha T, Dave East, YG and many more; Def Jam India has strived to elevate the Indian imprint of hip-hop by working with some of the biggest Indian hip-hop artists such as Dino James, Raga, Fotty Seven, Wazir Patar, GD 47, Hanumankind, Irfana Hameed, J Trix, tricksingh, Chaar Diwaari and Gravity.

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