‘Pride’ by Alexx O’Nell is undeniably current with a tinge of 90’s rock nostalgia

Mumbai, 4th March 2024: While Alexx O’Nell’s 2023 single, ‘These Four Walls,’ continues to enjoy daily radio-play a full six months post-release (mainly in South Africa), the India-based artist is ecstatic about the Radio and Streaming response to the 9th February release of his latest song and music video: ‘Pride’!

With the audio once again produced at Cosher Studios in Cape Town, the music video for ‘Pride’ is a visual journey showcasing South Africa’s natural beauty, Capetonian cityscapes, and the inside of an elevator in a quirky and unique narrative.

An actor known for his roles in over 45 films and series, O’Nell looks forward to a number of releases in 2024, including Dharmatic’s Hindi / English feature film ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’ in which he stars alongside Sara Ali Khan, and the Hindi series ‘Bak Bak’ with Divya Dutta, both filmed in India and slated for Amazon Prime Video. But truly, Alexx’s greatest joy is making and releasing his music and music videos and connecting with his audience around the world.

Watch the song here:

With a driving acoustic rhythm guitar at its core, ‘Pride’ perfectly blends synth beats, claps, and various modern elements with an infectious piano riff, horns, & vintage rock organs, making it feel undeniably current, while eliciting a tinge of 90’s (and even 70’s) rock nostalgia.

Singing “Now is the time for my pride”, Alexx draws the listener into a unique exploration of that manic moment just after a breakup, but before the inevitable “time for regret”. It is a pop-rock anthem bathed in contempt for the “worst” moments of the relationship, as the author measures the lengths to which he’s gone for the one he loved, “7,000 miles”, and the endless difficulties he’s suffered, “20,000 trials I’ve tried for you”. But while the poetic, heartfelt & rhythmic lyrics build this narrative, the chorus culminates in the revelation there was perhaps more goodness in the relationship than he is comfortable remembering – and the admission that it is a memory he is determined to suppress: “Now is the time to forget that you always believed in me.”

Photo Credit: Alexx O’Nell

Pride’s melodic verses present a captivating story, while its instantly addictive chorus is an invitation to revel in self-professed faultlessness, if only for a fleeting moment of intense and overwhelming Pride.

The official music video for ‘Pride’, inspired by Alexx’s personal experience of being trapped in an elevator (twice!) during power cuts in Cape Town, provides a fun contrast to the melancholy of the music. A whimsical journey in a malfunctioning elevator that takes him from a forest to a train yard, from a beach to the middle of traffic, and so on, provides a visually stunning backdrop that features South Africa’s natural beauty intercut with quintessential Capetonian cityscapes.

About Alexx

Alexx’s new single and music video ‘Pride’ follows on an amazing response to ‘These Four Walls’ in India, South Africa, Europe, and Australia, as well as his critically acclaimed performances in the series ‘Sweet Kaaram Coffee’ on Amazon Prime Video and in the feature film ‘Khufiya’ on Netflix. While he continued to shoot films and series all over the world (he has 7 titles currently in production or awaiting release), Alexx launched his music career in India with the 2020 debut song ‘Still On My Mind’ that featured him and Shama Sikander in a captivating and romantic music video. After the English track ‘Twenty Days’ and the Sanskrit single ‘A Bhagavad Gita Song’ inspired by his work in Disney+ Hotstar’s hit series Aarya, Alexx began shooting his videos in and outside India, blending his eclectic and multinational lifestyle with the energy of the places he loves. When he is not shooting or recording, Alexx is a Royal Enfield motor-cycle enthusiast and an avid paraglider who rides and flies as much as he can in India, South Africa, The Netherlands,  and all around the world.

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