Pop Artist RIDI Delivers a Culturally Rich Anthem for Self-Growth in “Merry Go Round”

Mumbai, 2nd September, 2022: Off the heels of her viral debut single “Top Guy” (2.7M YouTube views), Swiss based pop star RIDI nods to her Indian Heritage in a larger than life visual for her newest single “Merry Go Round”. Met with fresh and buoyant pop production, “Merry Go Round” blends mainstream melodies with vulnerable lyrics, tapping into her emotional evolution from a young age.

“Little girl, little girl you’re looking so down, Did someone take your crown? Was the pain enough to make you want to drown?” ~ Merry Go Round

Watch the video song here:

We all experience emotions like heartbreak, loneliness, love and joy from a young age. And while we continue to experience these feelings as an adult, the way we process them is very different. Nevertheless, the cycle remains the same and as RIDI puts it “We’re all just living on a merry go round”. In essence, the track explores the circular nature of life and the fact that no matter what age we are or what phase of life we are in, what we go through always comes back around, but in different forms. We may choose to forget who we are but in the end we will always return to the very ethos that makes us all human. Best known for Tom Jones’ “Sexbomb”, music producer Mousse T as well as Diamond Duggal (known for producing Shania Twain’s 11x platinum selling album “Up!”) gave “Merry Go Round” a next level soundscape, providing a bright and euphoric feeling perfectly suited for the mid-summer months.

With an impressive music video created by a world-class team, including the director of Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s quadruple platinum hit “Lean On”, the young artist sets the bar as we explore her versatility and genuine desire to take her creative visions to the next level.

But RIDI’s talents don’t stop at her music. An engineering student by day, RIDI is also an anti-bullying activist with her own foundation “Stop the B”. “Stop the B” encourages young people to use their platform to speak up against bullying – having already amassed over 27k followers, RIDI’s foundation has quickly received support from several celebrities including international football star Ronaldinho. RIDI was the youngest person invited to speak at the UN World Anti-Bullying forum in November of 2021, which received high praises by the UK’s Evening Standard. Her passion and versatility also shines brightly through her music, receiving critical acclaim from the industry.

Photo Credit to Ridi’s Instagram

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