Peekay’s latest ‘No Ordinary’ from her EP ‘Starlight’ lives up to its name!

Mumbai, 12th August 2023: The theme behind the song, ‘No Ordinary’, is fairly simple, it’s the dialogue of our generation of artists, creators, dreamers and inventors, those who know they’re a little left of center, extraordinary and proud of it. The song follows Peekay’s personal dialogue where she addresses the fact that a lot of her inspiration, motivation and fire comes from being repeatedly let down by the world, be it teachers who told her she would amount to nothing or an education system that paid no attention to talent or even a cheating partner who diminished her worth.

Watch the song here:

The lyrics of the chorus “I’m no ordinary. I can barely stay in Line” are her mantra where she confesses that nothing she does is ever tame, regular or by societal standards. She ends the chorus with saying “And yet I’m just doing fine” thereby subtly bashing the Indian code of conduct by saying that despite her offbeat choices and not conforming, she’s very successful at what she does and encourages everyone around her to just let loose and be themselves no matter how hard it might seem sometimes.

Stream the EP here:

To Peekay, not many dance forms come close to Bharatnatyam, Kathak and the like in terms of storytelling and expression. After a lot of conceptualizing with director, Apoo Mahi – the two of them got together dancers Vaibhav Modi and Nenita Praveen – two of Hyderabad’s most popular Classical dancers and together they choreographed the music video for “No Ordinary”. The music video brought western and eastern worlds together, also showing Peekay’s upbringing in its entirety. She was a kid from a household where Rock and Pop music would play on the daily but she was also brought up by her grandmother on Hindustani classical music, Bharatnatyam (Peekay did 6 years) and traditional cultural practices. We see Nenita and Vaibhav beautifully interpreting the lyrics through Bhartnatyam & Kathak and Apoo herself doing a brilliant Hip hop interpretation of the “IDGAF” concept.

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