Otnicka and Mihaenkin’s latest song “Her Broken Dreams” will touch your heart

Mumbai, 19th December 2023: Otnicka has recently released a new track, ‘Her Broken Dreams’ and the song is accompanied by a music video.

“This is a really big project the implementation of which began in the summer of 2023. We wanted to make a track in the style of the famous ‘Where Are You’ and the main goal was to make a sensitive and emotional material. We recorded an orchestra, guitars, mandolins, violins and so on. And it was also decided to record ethnic vocals. It seems to have turned out to be unique and fresh. Oh, yes, there is not a single sample in this track”.

Watch the song here:

Otnicka – is a sound producer from Belarus. He is known in India for the tracks “Where Are You”, “Peaky Blinder”, “Babel” and many others. He has repeatedly held leading positions in the Indian chart. In 2022 he performed at the Sunburn Goa Festival in India.

Mihaenkin – is a music composer and producer from Russia. He is the musical director of many Russian films and TV series. Co-author of the song “Where Are You” performed by Otnicka.

Adding further he says, “Moreover, on December 15 along with the single, an official video with famous Russian actors is released. These are shots from the movie “Without me” (Original name: “Без меня”, 2018). We really hope that we will be able to awaken the warmest feelings in the audience. After all, we can safely say that this is music with a therapeutic effect”.

Well, we heard it and can’t get enough of it, listen to it now!

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