November 2023: My goal is to always create music with the hope that others can relate to: Madhur Sharma

Madhur Sharma is glowing in glory and why not, he has been swaying audiences with his magical voice and beautiful songs. One of the rising stars of the Indian music industry, Madhur Sharma recently released a song with IndieA Records, a label under Universal Music India. Called ‘Samandar Sharaab’, the song has received ecstatic love form the listeners and he is geared for another one named ‘Meherbaniyaan’. We had a candid chat with him recently for our November Digital Cover story, here are the excerpts:

To begin with, Samandar Sharaab, how did this song happen?

I have always been a hopeless romantic, and my wife would agree. However, as most of you must know, hopeless romantics are often subjected to disappointment when it comes to expecting love in return. I was discussing this dilemma with a few friends one night. Funnily, most people associate me with songs that resonate with the aching heart. That’s when I thought why not make a song about it! And that is how Samandar Sharaab happened.

What makes working with Universal Music India (IndieA Records) unique for you?

It goes without saying that affiliating with the right music label is one of the most important aspects of an artist’s growth. As far as music labels go, Universal Music India (IndieA Records) is one of the biggest names out there. My experience working with them has been nothing short of fantastic. What makes them stand apart is their innovative methods of reaching a wider audience. After all, the end goal is always to make sure your song is heard by the masses. I am looking forward to collaborating with them more often in the future.

Watch the song here:

Covers vs Originals, how does each of these add value to you?

Oh boy! This is a difficult one. Covers vs originals is a neverending debate and coming to a definite conclusion about it is almost next to impossible. I truly believe that music is as subjective to the listener as it is to the maker. I have always thought that my cover songs are an ode to the artists I admire so very much. And the fact that these covers have been wholeheartedly accepted by the audiences is extremely overwhelming. My originals on the other hand represent me as an artist and as an individual. For me personally, all my songs are very close to my heart and have added immensely when it comes to my growth as an artist since these melodies are a medium to connect with the audience.

Who is Madhur Sharma as a person and as an artist?

I would like to think that I have been evolving as a person in the last few years. But my family will always continue to be the epicenter of it all for me. As far as being an artist is concerned, my goal is to always create music with the hope that others can relate to or find intriguing or entertaining. Although I understand the importance of numbers in today’s world where everything revolves around social media, I try to keep my mind off it and create music because that is something I love doing.

Your next with Universal Music India, ‘Meherbaniyaan’ is slated to release soon. Any comments?

Let’s not spoil the surprise yet. We will talk about Meherbaniyaan when it is the right time.

With a label like Universal Music India at the back of it, how do the song-making and creative expression get benefitted for you?

There is more to making a song than meets the eye. Apart from the obvious, you also need to worry about things like promotions and distribution. However, having a major name like Universal Music India backing you can be such a boon. For me personally, Universal Music India has taken so much burden off my back when it comes to the overall process. What it did for me was that it gave me more freedom to explore my creativity, which then resulted in me making music I can be proud of.

Photo Credit: Madhur Sharma

How important is the visual representation of the song for you? What were the key factors considered for Samandar Sharaab and for Meherbaniyaan?

For me, the visual representation of a song is very important. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that music is solely about the auditory experience. In reality, it is a multidimensional art form and one of the simplest ways to enhance the experience is with the help of visual representation or music videos as they are commonly known. Proper visual representation amplifies the emotional impact. Also, music videos can turn out to be the perfect platform for an artist to gain some recognition. When it comes to the music video of Samandar Sharaab, we tried to capture the emotion of the song aptly. And as far as Meherbaniyaan is concerned, you will have to wait some more to know more about it.

What is lined up for you for the rest of 2023?

As an artist, my goal will always be to entertain my audience. Apart from the live shows and concerts, there are a few songs lined up that we intend to release by the end of the year if everything goes to plan. Stay tuned for more details. 

Any additional comments?

Well, I would like to end this conversation by saying once again how grateful I am for the people who have supported me throughout this journey. Also, ‘Samandar Sharaab’ is out on all major streaming platforms. Do show it some love.

Well, ‘a hopeless romantic’ Madhur Sharma wouldn’t have imagined to receive the kind of love he has from the listeners. As we wait for the release of ‘Meherbaniyaan’, let’s enjoy ‘Samandar Sharaab’ to the fullest!

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