Nikitaa’s new single “Throne” blends house, dance pop and trance influences

Mumbai, 22nd July 2023: Brace yourselves for a musical journey like no other as singer-songwriter Nikitaa sets the stage ablaze with her latest release, “Throne.” Infusing elements of house and trance, this electrifying track is streaming now across all the major platforms.

Watch the song here:

As a multi-talented artist, Nikitaa showcases her prowess as both a lyricist and a melodist in “Throne.” Drawing from her personal experiences, she masterfully weaves together a captivating tale of joy, freedom, and self-expression. The song serves as a testament to the artist’s growth and exploration of her musical roots, delving into her early teenage influences of house, dance pop and trance.

Nikitaa works with the talented production team of Daniel Yves Escalante and Salvador Moratillo (also known as House of M) to realize her vision for “Throne.” Together, the three of them produce a sonically rich world that envelops listeners in a pulsing rhythm and contagious beats that swirl around Nikitaa’s smoky, casually confident voice. Nikitaa’s distinctive sound is elevated throughout the production, creating a mood that will leave listeners demanding more.

“Throne” is more than just a song; it is a celebration of confidence, queerness, and sexuality. Through her lyrics, Nikitaa empowers listeners to embrace their true selves and revel in their own individuality and sensuality. The track serves as an anthem for those who have found their voice and are ready to claim their rightful place on the proverbial throne in their own lives.

On her thoughts behind working on this song, Nikitaa comments “Throne was inspired by my newfound freedom after coming out as gender-fluid earlier this year (she/they). I wanted to make something that expressed the joy, confidence and freedom I’ve found in my gender and sexual expression, paid homage to the queer origins of the dance pop + dance house genres & my own lesser known house + trance influences from my teen years, while also letting me show off vocally. Throne is by far the boldest expression of my sensuality, and marks a big shift in sound and vocal arrangement for me – becoming more detailed, layered and confident than ever before.”

With her distinctive genre fusion, Nikitaa bravely pushes boundaries in an industry that is screaming for creativity. With “Throne,” she once again shows her artistic talent has no bounds. Fans and music lovers alike can anticipate an extraordinary musical experience that goes beyond standard pop music.

Prepare to be swept away by the infectious energy and magnetic presence of Nikitaa as she takes her place on the music scene with “Throne.”

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