Nidhi Wagle’s First Release of 2023, “Friday Night”, is about dealing with familiarities

Mumbai, 6th February 2023: After performing her released and unreleased originals including ‘Friday Night’ at the Zomato Feeding India Concert as the opening act, Nidhi has finally released the completed song as her first release of the year. The song has a dark yet powerful, angsty yet sensual and dreamy vibe. With this being her first solo release in a year and a half, this song fully defines her style and comfort zone of singing, composing and songwriting.

Stream the song here:

Talking about the song Nidhi says, “ ‘Friday Night’ talks about the desire to revisit familiarity knowing the problems that come with it. It’s often hard to get that certain someone out of your mind when you’re alone, even when you know they’re bad for you, because of the feeling or the rush which can be pretty addictive and difficult to escape from”. The production of the song is in the pop/rock genre, with a dramatic ending using elements like live recorded distorted guitars, heavy drums, and spacious pads. The song has been produced by Shivansh Agarwal and Animesh Panigrahi, and mixed and mastered by Rahul Agrawal.

About Nidhi

Nidhi Wagle is a singer/songwriter who grew up in UAE and is currently based in Mumbai. She grew up learning various instruments (such as piano, drums and guitar) and training in vocals. Being a part of extracurricular activities such as band and choir in her school days, she has dreamt of being a full-time musician since a very young age. After finishing her graduation in a music degree last year, Nidhi has been putting all her time and energy into releasing new songs and performing around the city, to turn her dreams into her reality. Writing and composing new music and being able to share her stories with others

gives her happiness like nothing else. With ‘Friday Night’ only marking the start of this year, she intends to put out many more of her songs in the months to come.

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