Neeraj ‘NJ’, Dabzee & Baby Jean Unite for a chartbuster Malayali Rap Anthem “Ballaatha Jaathi”

Mumbai, 10th June 2024: Def Jam Recordings has announced the release of the highly anticipated music video for “Ballaatha Jaathi,” the debut collaborative effort between Neeraj ‘NJ’ Madhav and breakthrough Malayali rappers Dabzee & Baby Jean. Produced by the talented Rameez Musthafa, known as R-Zee, the single has already captured the essence of Malabar and its people, quickly trending across platforms. The music video, which premiered on 6th June, brings a visually stunning narrative to this powerful track.

Commenting on the new track Neeraj ‘NJ’ Madhav, said, “Shooting ‘Ballaatha Jaathi’ was an incredible experience as I have been wanting to represent the culture and share my story with the people. The concept of ‘Genie in the Lamp’ allowed all of us to bring our stories to life in a fantastical way. Collaborating with Dabzee and Baby Jean was absolutely seamless; their passion and creativity made the whole process a lot more enjoyable. This video truly captures the essence of Malabar and our personal journeys, blending traditional and modern elements in a way that I hope resonates with everyone.”

Watch the song here:

Dabzee expressed his excitement, saying, “Filming ‘Ballaatha Jaathi’ was an unforgettable journey. The ‘Genie in the Lamp’ storyline gave a magical twist to our narratives, allowing us to connect deeply with our heritage while showcasing the struggles and triumphs of Malappuram’s people. Collaborating with NJ and Baby Jean was inspiring; their energy and dedication made the video truly special. We aimed to create something that honours our culture and resonates with our audience, and I believe we’ve achieved that with the kind of love that we’ve received from the audience.”

R-Zee’s production on “Ballaatha Jaathi” blends traditional Malabar sounds with modern beats. NJ, Dabzee, and Baby Jean add emotional and vivid stories in their verses, making the song powerful and moving. The music video concept, “Genie in the Lamp,” adds an imaginative layer to the song. It shows the artists as modern-day genies, each representing different aspects of Malayali culture and struggles. The video is a beautiful blend of fantasy with real-life scenes, highlighting how music and art can help overcome challenges.

Baby Jean shared his experience, saying, “When we started working on ‘Ballaatha Jaathi’, we sensed that the concept is so unique, and it further gave us the chance to visually express our culture and personal stories. Filming alongside NJ and Dabzee, we were able to bring our collective vision to life. The video showcases the beauty and strength of the Malayali people.” With “Ballaatha Jaathi,” Def Jam Recordings continues to champion diverse voices and unique cultural narratives in the music industry. This collaboration between NJ, Dabzee, and Baby Jean not only highlights the rich heritage of Malabar but also serves as a testament to the power of music in bridging communities and telling powerful stories.

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